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‘मार्च में घर पहुंचेगी गैस पाइप लाइन, वाहनों में भी लगेगी सीएनजी’

एसएन चौधरी। अगले साल मार्च तक गेस पाइल लाइन हरिद्वार, रूडकी और लक्सर के लोगों के घरों तक पहुंच जाएगी। यही नहीं दस हजार वाहनों में भी सीएनजी लगाई जाएगी। ताकि पर्यावरण प्रदूषण कम किया जा सके। इतना ही नहीं पूरे राज्य में 74 गैस एजेंसियां भी खोली जाएंगी। इसके …

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Govt to fire AG Uma Kant Uniyal 

Dehradun. In a retaliatory move against what happened in the Assembly on Friday evening, the Harish Rawat Government has decided to terminate the tenure of the States Advocate General Uma Kant Uniyal who is the elder brother of one of the nine rebels Congress MLA’s. Uma Kant Uniyal is elder brother of Congress …

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Fake Police SI arrested in Haridwar

SK Tiwari Haridwar. First time in the history of Ardh Kumbh Mela Police, a fake Sub Inspector was arrested by the city police here on Wednesday. All it was like a fable story which one has heard in the stories at childhood or have well seen in the Hindi movies. …

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Govt schools details one click ahead

SK Tiwari Haridwar. Top know the details your benjamin school, you didn’t need run from pillar to post, nor you have to file the RTI (Right to Information) application. All the government details and present resources in school will be available to general public just ahead by one click. All …

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